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The Kyiv Chamber Choir has only 21 singers, but what singers they are - big marvelously focused voices. They sung wonderfully clean unisons and the bases have low E's to die for.
Washington Post

The Kyiv Chamber Choir achieved maximum perfection, a remarkable performance.
New York Post

The Boyan Men's Choir displayed perfectly balanced chords, impeccable tuning, pure melodic lines, precission of attack and beautifully shaded dynamic changes. A superb performance.
Yorhshire Post

The blend of the Pavana Women's Choir is extraordinary as is their angelic singing. I have never heard such soft control, such delicate high singing, such intense precision of harmony.
The Day

Ukrainians have always been famous for their voices. Last night's performance by the Vydubychi Chamber Choir was one of the best I have ever heard. The sound was remarkable clean and natural with very dynamic gradations. Highly recommended to all lovers of fine choral singing.
Sydney Morning Herald

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